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Despite all your time at uni, are you still feeling unprepared?

- Dreading certain conditions coming through the door?
- Lacking confidence with complex patients?
- Overwhelmed by how much there is to know?
- Wondering how to progress in your career? 
We are here to help.

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The Physio Accelerator

At The Sports Medicine Australia Conference 2019 while presenting the Refshauge Lecture, Trish Wisbey-Roth said -

“It’s only at the end, when you look back, that you know what was pivotal and significant in your story”.

It can be so hard at the beginning of your career to know the right path to follow.

Now that Trish has lived her own dream career she has started The Physio Accelerator to help guide up-and-coming physios to live theirs.


Learn how to think like a specialist

Clear clinical reasoning frameworks that you can apply instantly.

Fast track development of your treatment skills

Expert demonstrations of assessment, manual therapy and exercise strategies.

An expert guide whenever you need one

Access the information you need, when you need it + participate in our live Q&A's via our Facebook group.

Here's how it works

Learn when and where it suits you

Watch the whole course or just find the part you need for a current patient

Communicate with the teachers

Take note of your questions and ask them during our live Q&As

Enjoy great patient outcomes

Use the practical information from the courses immediately with your patients.

Trish is a delight. I continue to be amazed by her high level of clinical reasoning and the way she breaks it down for everyone to understand. Trish fosters a positive learning environment. I will refer back to the manual in the future.

Trish made all of the theory very easy to understand and her course was very practical,making it easy to translate into practice. She also has an excellent SIJ assessment toolwhich makes it easier to diagnose in the clinic.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take control of your career.

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